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neha (password protected)

25 August
i was voted most likely to elope with a rockstar and most likely to talk my way out of getting arrested (i've succeeded at the latter). i learned the alphabet backwards before i learned it forwards, and i'm still slower at my ABCs than my ZYXs. i like my coffee lukewarm, sometimes through a straw. i have an annoyingly good memory for things like the 3200 babies in our database, but i can never remember where i've parked my car. i don't like people who cut their sandwiches into rectangles instead of triangles, and i don't believe ice cream should be colored. i love getting scars, but i hate bruises. i trip and fall and injure myself in ridiculous ways pretty frequently, and i'm disappointed when no one's around to witness it. i don't believe in regret or embarrassment, and i NEVER turn down a dare.